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Proof that an inexpensive car doesn’t need to suck. It can be great

2024 Hyundai Venue may not be fast, but it's rock solid on beaten roads, buttoned down during strong crosswinds and fun to zip around town in. Besides, it looks great.

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The economy is tough on the Canadian middle class right now. Its members face high interest rates, strong inflation, and employers crunching their budgets, leading to layoffs. It’s fair to say, many people are going through a tough time these days.

For many consumers the idea of a shining new electric car is appealing as it eliminates fuel bills, comes with strong financial incentives, and, well, helps save the planet, for some, their monthly payment is a pill that’s just too big to swallow. Heck, any new car is expensive now. A Honda Civic, a car built right here in Canada, now starts at close to $29 grand. Weren’t they $20,000 not that long ago?


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